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Sibenik is the oldest city on the coast, which were originally founded by Croatians. It was first mentioned in 1066 year. A typical Mediterranean town with narrow streets and lanes, many historical monuments, churches and monuments. Preserved old town as it is frozen in time where you still feel the spirit of a bygone era. And yet it is full of vitality, which is happening on the streets, in taverns, bars and restaurants. A rich cultural life and entertainment, performances, festivals, concerts promise a good time in Sibenik.

Kornati National Park are a unique group of 152 islands, islets and reefs. Masterpiece of nature is evident in each piece of this park and where the human hand is not in breach of the idyllic landscape, but it fits into the natural environment by building numerous stone walls, chapels and churches of stone and painstakingly over the centuries. Clean, clear waters teeming with life are perfect for diving.

For two-thirds of its course this virginally pure karstic river, with its seven magical waterfalls and which rises near the town of Knin, flows through canyons. The area is exceptionally rich in endemic flora and fauna, containing 222 types of bird. The watermills along the rivers and above the waterfalls, ruins of fortifications rising above the canyons, the picturesque mouth of the River Cikola above Skradinski buk waterfall - all are specific features of the river landscape. The Krka’s estuary, the 23.5 km-long Lake Prukljan, which reaches up to Skradinski buk is rich in shellfish, freshwater and saltwater fish. Sitting in Lake Visovac, between Roski slap and Skradinski buk (13 km) waterfalls, is a tiny island upon which, set amid a park of sylvan charm, is a Franciscan monastery with a long history.

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